Meet The Designer, Masnoor Saad...

I love colours. Colours are like puzzle that you can pick, match and transform into beautiful arts. I have worked with beautiful  colourful treads that I waived into a gorgeous butterflies and flowers. Similarly with fabric that you can cut and shape into patterns that can be arranged like rainbow after the rain or shades of brown, orange and yellow to feel the coming autumn. This is the reason how I started my patchwork quilts and play with colours.

My first quilt project drawn back during my time to be a father. I was so excited to prepare for the first newborn. I still remember when I went to a car-boot sales to find remnant of fabrics and Argos to purchase a sewing machine just to prepare a fluffy quilt. It was summer and I was free from my classes and assignments. My wife and I were so excited when we arranged the bedding set in a Moses basket and waiting for the newborn to arrive.

From that moment, I started to do more patchwork quilts as my hobby and entangled with this activity during my leisure even though I was busy with my engineering career. The passion for quilting keep developing until i have my own sewing studio where I started to play with colours and organised them into vibrant patterns and designs.

Since i am retired from my engineering field, now is the right moment for me to dedicate the rest of my time for my passionate quilting art and design and perhaps to inspire others to join the club. My official website Cutehana Quilt will be my stepping stone to create more challenging designs and provide facilities for the hobbyists.